ZD 10x50

ZD 10x50
Magnification 10x
Diameter of objective 50 mm
Field of view 2,8°
Diameter of entrance pupil 5 mm
Distance of entrance pupil min 70 mm
Adjusting step horizontal 10 mm / 100 m
Adjusting step vertical 10 mm / 100 m
Dioptric correction ± 3D
Basic test ARMY - V
Thickness of reticle to distance 100 m <5 mm
Optimum focusing of paralax 290...980 m
Length 355 mm
Weight 850 g
Diameter of tube 30 mm
Type of battery 2 x CR 2032

The ZD 10x50 day-time dial sight is a scope designed for observing in detail the field being explored and for precise aiming the arms in the day-light or, as the case may be, under deteriorated lighting conditions with the help of lighting sight cross.

It is composed of a tube with objective, of a central part with control elements for elevation and side rectification, firing distance adjustment, lighting-up of the sight cross and adjustment of its brightness intensity, furthermore of case for feeding batteries and tube with eyepiece. Under certain conditions of observation. The lens hood hinders undesirable sun rays from entering the objective and makes difficult revealing the rifleman.

The scope is designed for being mounted on ball arms fot shooting to a distance up to 2000 m.

Scope is used especially on the sniper rifles, for example TOP Falcon, Baret, CZ 750, CZ 700, CZ 550, SVD Dragunov, Browning, Steyer, Walther, SIG, ACCURACY and SAKO. Reticle used here is a special reticle with illuminated arrow and metric marks (ARMY-V), but it is possible to use reticle MIL-DOT with illuminated cross-hair or V-DOT with illuminated arrow. Riflescope ZD 10x50 has a knob for adjustment of shooting distance for ammunition 12,7x99
(.50 Cal) or 12,7x107 and a knob for wind correction.

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