ZD 6x50

ZD 6x50
Magnification 6x
Diameter of objective 50 mm
Field of view 3,7°
Diameter of entrance pupil 8 mm
Distance of entrance pupil min 70 mm
Adjusting step horizontal 10 mm / 100 m
Adjusting step vertical 10 mm / 100 m
Dioptric correction ± 3D
Basic test ARMY - V
Thickness of reticle to distance 100 m < 7mm
Optimum focusing of paralax 190...360 m
Length 355 mm
Weight 850 g
Diameter of tube 30 mm
Type of battery 2 x CR 2032

The ZD 6 x 50 day-light dial sight is designed for precise aiming of arms, using ammuntion .308 Winchester, in the day-light and aslo with lower lighting level. It was constructed especially for use on various types of sniper rifles.

The Keppler type optical system, featuring a high aperture ratio and resolving power, is fitted with optimally selected nonreflection coatings.The reticule has a horizontal scale for measuring angles and an orientation rangefinding scale. The sight allows lighting the reticule at bad light conditions. The lighting intensity is steplessly variable. The shooting distance with lateral windage correction can be easily adjusted by means of correction knobs that match precisely the used type of ballistics.

The following optional accessories for the sight can be supplied: protective eyepiece rubber mount, objective and eyepiece caps, antilaser and orange filter, special lens hood and arm mount. On customer' s request a modified execution can be supplied.

Scope is used especially on the sniper rifles, for example TOP Falcon, Baret, CZ 750, CZ 700, CZ 550, SVD Dragunov, Browning, Steyer, Walther, SIG, ACCURACY and SAKO. Reticle used here is a special reticle with illuminated arrow and metric marks (ARMY-V), but it is possible to use reticle MIL-DOT with illuminated cross-hair or V-DOT with illuminated arrow. Riflescope ZD 10x50 has a knob for adjustment of shooting distance for ammunition 12,7x99 (.50 Cal) or 12,7x107 and a knob for wind correction.

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