ZD 3-12x50

ZD 3-12x50
Magnification 3 - 12x
Diameter of objective 50 mm
Field of view 6,3° ... 1,9°
Diameter of entrance pupil 16,6 ... 4,2 mm
Distance of entrance pupil min 70 mm
Adjusting step horizontal 1 / 6 MOA
Adjusting step vertical 1 / 6 MOA
Dioptric correction ± 3D
Basic test MIL - DOT
Thickness of reticle to distance 100 m < 4 mm
Optimum focusing of paralax 150 ... 250 m
Length 357 mm
Weight 750 g
Diameter of tube 30 mm
Type of battery CR 2354

Riflescope ZD 3-12x50 with illumination of reticle is specially designed scope for rifles for Special Operation Forces and sport shooting. Optical system is intended for long distance observation. The scope can be used on rifles like CZ 750, CZ 700, CZ 550, SVD Dragunov, Steyer, Walther, SIG, ACCURACY and SAKO. The reticule used here is MIL-DOT with illuminated cross-hair or V-DOT with illuminated arrow. Riflescope ZD 3-12x50 has a knob for adjustment of shooting distance with two markings - universal and metric to a distance up to 400 meters and a knob for wind correction.

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