Magnification 1x / 1x
Field of view 80° x 27° / 45° x 25°
Resolution 1÷3´ / 44 l / mm
Elevation adjustment range -
Night chanel range 150 m
Power supply 18 ... 32V
Operating temperature range -31 ... +52°C
Dimensions (mm) 315 x 154 x 180
Weight (kg) 6,5
DND-5 is a combined day / night driverscope for BMP-2 and other armored vehicles. It is a replacement of TVNE-1PA active night vision device and day periscope. It can be easily integrated to the vehicle without any changes in the chassis. DND-5 is a fully passive device with integrated image intensifying tube of 2nd or 3rd generation. The head lens can be heated when used in low temperatures.

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