Magnification 4,75x / 3,75x
Field of view 9,5░/ 10,5░
Resolution 12" / 30 l / mm
Elevation adjustment range -
Night chanel range 600 m
Power supply 22 ... 30V
Operating temperature range -30 ... +50░C
Dimensions (mm) 422 x 370 x 197 mm
Weight (kg) 12 kg
The TKN-3P viewing unit is a binocular periscopic telescope for tank or armoured carrier commander, designed for working at day-time as well as at night-time. For night-time work the unit is provided with a channel image intensifier of 2+ generation, working in passive mode without additional lighting. Only residual illumination of the night sky is taken advantage of. The day-time branch has a scale for range finding. For operation in winter the unit is equipped with eyepiece heater. Without any modification the TKN-3P canásubstituteáthe active units TKN-3 used hitherto.

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