Magnification 1x
Field of view 90° x 45° / 45° x 25°
Resolution 40"
Elevation adjustment range -
Night chanel range 400m a ›
Power supply 24V
Operating temperature range -33 ... +63°C
Dimensions (mm) 202 x 365 x 236 kk
Weight (kg) 12 kg

Combined Day/Night Driver's Scope CDND-1

The CDND-1 is a combined device for drivers enabling the driving of military vehicles during the day and night. The entire device, combining day and night visibility, provides the driver with high visibility and comfort without the need to change between day and night devices. The daytime visibility channel comprises two glass prisms made from special optic glass, affording a remarkable 90° horizontal and 45° vertical field of view. The day channel comes equipped with an antilaser filter for wavelengths 800, 900, 1064 and 1540 nm, providing the driver optimum protection from the effects of laser radiation of the stipulated wavelengths. The day channel further enables its user a stereoscopic perception of the observed terrain and thus, estimation of distance.

The CDND-1 night channel is incorporated with noctovision, which means that it functions on the principle of residual light intensification by means of a microchannel image intensifier with XD-4 photocathode and integrated AUTOGATING functions and gain control. The optical composition of the night channel is furthermore formed by an input prism- common to day channel, an adjustable mirror, driver operated electrically focused lens, a special optical element and biocular display enabling the driver unhindered view of other equipment or displays in the vehicle. The field of view for night channel is 45° for horizontal and 25° for vertical level, with 1x magnification and utilisation upon illumination at 2-3x10-3 lx. All external glass surfaces of both channels are electro-heated which prevents formation of dew under adverse climatic conditions, both outside and inside the vehicle. The device is watertight.

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