Magnification 1 ... 1,2x
Field of view 35° / 33°
Resolution 28 l / mm
Elevation adjustment range -
Night chanel range 180 m
Power supply 15 ... 31V
Operating temperature range -30 ... +50°C
Dimensions (mm) 300x160x120 mm
Weight (kg) 5,3 kg

The passive night vision device is designed for drivers of armoured vehicles for driving at night under conditions of natural residual illumination from 1x10-3 lx without additional lighting or in full darkness with additional lighting. The periscopic stereoscopic optical system of the device with two channel image intensifiers of 2nd generation enables a very easy observation of the terrain and does not tire the eyes of the observer.

The outer optical surfaces of the prism and of eyepieces are effectively protected from dew formation and ice accretion through electronic control heating fed from board network of the object.

The NV-3P can be substituted without modifications for the device TVNE-4B used hitherto.

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