Historical events

The visit of army general Ludvik Svoboda at Meopta in 1961.
General Ludvik Svoboda was in the command of cs. brigade, founded during the WWII in which  Mr. Paul Rausnitz and his family fought together.
Minister of defense Kühnl visit at Meopta. 2005
Promotion of Mr. Paul and Egon Rausnitz to lieutenant colonel rank of the Czech Republic Army. The brother of both gentlemants has been promoted to the same rank In memoriam.
To the occasion of Mr. Rausnitz’s life jubilee the mayor of Prerov city awarded him with „P?erovský k?iš?álový zubr“. An award that is given to important persons with a relation to Prerov. Mr. Rausnitz took over the award on 26.3.2008
Open house Meopta, 17.5.2008
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