Virtual Museum

Virtual Museum

The project is aimed at presenting a collective overview of historical products and developments of the company Optikotechna - Meopta.  The collection represents the entire era of development and growth of the company and is constantly being expanded thru the acquisition of old products along with the launching of new products today.

The collection now includes close to 800 exhibits, which is one reason why it is difficult to find space to present everything together.  The necessary space required to effectively display the collection is 400-500 square meters.

Therefore, we have chosen this option, at least in order to present our history and show off the work of more than 30 000 employees who have passed thru our doors since 1933 until today.

We would also like to gain feedback and responses from collectors, enthusiasts and all interested people, who may be able to help us fill in some of the missing information about exhibits for which we do not have available documentation.  We would be very grateful with any opinions, contributions or assistance the public can provide.  The museum will serve the role of providing an interesting stop for visitors while displaying the rich and vibrant history of our exceptional company.

Additionally, you will find interesting documents, quotations and letters from various publications dropped into the site to enrich your learning experience.

You can find this museum in the section Download.

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